Introducing Mariangel R.

Wardrobe/Stylist Assistant/Personal Assistant

Mariangel R. is a Miami-based freelance Stylist Assistant with 4 years of experience in fashion styling, personal shopping and merchandising. A naturally talented and eccentric individual, Mariangel has an eye for adventurous yet tasteful style concepts.

Mariangel R. is a Wardrobe/ Stylist Assistant and Personal Assistant who is available to assist exclusively through Atomic Assistants Agency.

Recent Wardrobe/Stylist Assistant Bookings:
Nordstrom Naples St. John Fashion show presentation (Dresser)
Bugatchi E- commrce Website photo shoot (Stylist Assistant)
Hermes Design District Store Opening Fashion Showcase (Dresser)
Etcetera Fashion Showcase produced by Fashion Show Innovations (dresser)
U.S. Polo Association (assistant to Art Director Stills Stylist and Fashion Stylist Assistant)
GQ Magazine (stylist assistant)
Louis Vuitton Corporate Show Fashion Trends Spring Collection. at Ritz Cartlton Key Biscayne (dresser)
H&M Spring Catalog 2015 (presser) (Stylist)
Icon Magazine (Production Assistant for Michael Del Buono)
TopShop for Nordstrom Fashion show (Dresser)
Cusp at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show (Creative Styling Assistant for Teddy Gunter)
9 Bebe Mama Magazine (Assistant for Jessie Ajluni)
Ocean Drive Magazine (Production Assistant for Stella Hernandez)
Additional Experience:
Stash Wardrobe Rental -assisted stylists in selecting and pulling wardrobe and accessories for fashion shoots; assisted in putting away returns; designed in store displays and dressed models for marketing and facebook page promotions; organized shoe department with over 500 pairs of shoes from every decade and time period including photographing and boxing
Del Toro Shoes- Visual Merhcandising

Hobbies:Mariangel enjoys reading, riding her bike and listining to music

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Introducing Kristin P.


Kristin is a clever and reliable seamstress who has been sewing since she was 10 years old. If you need a nip or tuck on the spot, Kristin delivers. She’s quick, clever with a needle and thread and knows her way around wool, synthetics, leather and more.

An expert when it comes to alterations, Kristin is also adept at resizing and repair with acute attention to detail. She works with all types of textiles and fashion from high-end to casual and is fast and efficient. She’s got a grip on pliers and steel wire too!

Kristin can get the job done in a flash and your design out where it’s meant to be, in front of the lights.

Recent Seamstress Bookings Include:
Macy's Menswear shoot
-seamstress assistant to Gloria Del rio, altered suit jackts, pants, sleeve cuffs
MQ clothing brand
-altered mens and womens clothing
Macy's Icons shoot featuring Celebrity Thalia
Tommy Hilfiger Europe campaign
Recent Presser Bookings Include:
H & M spring 2015 shoot
Madeline clothing brand
Argitiano clothing brand
Recent Fashion show Dresser bookings Include:
Louis Vuitton Employee Fashion Show April 2015, Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

Hobbies:Mariangel enjoys reading, riding her bike and listining to music

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Introducing Belaxis B.:

Stylist/Wardrobe/Production/Makeup Assistant and Presser

Belaxis B. works in Miami as a freelance Stylist/ Wardrobe/Production/Makeup Assistant and Presser, with over 10 years of experience in Fashion ranging from Retail, Wearable Fashion Art Construction and scouting rare vintage clothing. Belaxis graduated from the University of Florida, on the Deans List, from the New World School of the Arts in 2008, with a Double Major in Sculpture/ Dance and a Minor in Art History. Her skills and Mastery approach to combining Conceptual Fine Arts, Photography, Performance and Fashion into one theme has made her recognized in the Arts community, and welcomed in to the world of Fashion. Belaxis' fashion and styling work has been praised by the Miami Herald, for its " striking costumes" and appeal.

Belaxis B. is Stylist/Wardrobe/Production/Makeup Assistant and Presser who is available to assist exclusively through Atomic Assistants Agency.

Recent Bookings Include:
Miami Light Project/ GodoyPradera Projects 2015 (worked as Wardrobe/ Styling/ Make-up Director)
Evenflo Shoot, 2015 (worked as stylist assistant)
Louis Vuitton Corporate Fashion Show Presentation, 2015 ( worked as a dresser)
Private Client Closet Editing session, 2015 (worked as Personal shoppers/closet editor's assistant)
Nordstrom Naples Tory Burch Event, 2015 (worked as a dresser)
Macy's Father's Day shoot, 2015 (worked as stylist assistant)
P Studio Inc shoot, 2015 (worked as on set baby sitter for client)
Elena Miro shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
Macy's Men's Fashion book shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
Ocean Drive Magazine David Drebin Shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
Ocean Drive Magazine Fresh Faces shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
People Magazine shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
Italian Vanity Fair Shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
P Studio Inc shoot, 2014 (worked as on set baby sitter for client)
Banana Boat Sunscreen shoot, 2014 (worked as stylist assistant)
Marks and Spencer Shoot, 2014 ( worked as stylist assistant)
American Eagle Spring Break Shoot , 2013 (worked as production assistant)
Nordstrom Beauty Trend shows, 2013 (worked as a dresser)
Wrap Clothing Shoot, 2013 (worked as stylist assistant)
Maxim Magazine Hometown Hotties shoot, 2013 (worked as stylist assistant)
Nordstrom Sam Edelman show, 2013 (worked as a dresser)
Gartner Group Miami Vice Themed Event, 2013 (worked as a makeup assistant)
Private Client Eric Chavez, 2013 (worked as a personal assistant by running vip errands)
Miami Light Project, 2013 (assisted with wardrobe styling, location scouting, art direction, filming, video editing, and choreography)
Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez Event, 2013 (worked as a set decorator/event producer assistant)
Orchid The Show, 2012 (worked as a seamstress assistant and production assistant)
Reserved Campaign/Video, 2012 (presser)
"Rock of Ages" Editorial, Miami Living Magazine Summer/Fall 2010 issue (provided styling and art direction)
Rundholtz Campaign, 2010 & 2009 (provided styling, photography and art direction)
International Ballet Festival X Anniversary for Hellektrick Danse Company (assisted with wardrobe, hair and makeup)

Related Experience:
FCUK (worked as a personal shopper, clients included Paulina Rubio and editorial stylists) Base Clothing Store (worked as personal shopper and visual merchandiser)
Hobbies:In her free time, Belaxis enjoys dancing and acting. She is a choreographer and a performance Artist who has participated in exhibitions internationally and actively participates in activites during Art Basel, Miami. She also enjoys writing for Arts in a Changing America and experimenting with fashion photography.

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Introducing Geoffrey A. :

Wardrobe/Stylist Assistant

Geoffrey is a well versed fashion stylist and assistant based in Miami, FL. Geoffrey became infatuated with the fashion industry once realizing how he can increase the confidence of people by helping them get dressed. Geoffrey observes each stylist attentively that he is assisting so anticipating needs comes naturally; " I love being able to help renowned stylists; My goal is to put a smile on their face by making their stress level go from 100 to zero", states Geoffrey.

Geoffrey pays attention to the latest trends and is always educating himself on whats coming next. He has experience in creating trend reports for stylists as part of two successive internships at busy stylists offices. Any type of shoot the stylist is working on whether it be clean, lifestyle, or an edgy editorial, Geoffrey is always a great help. Currently attending Miami-Dade College, majoring in fashion merchandising he is becoming even more dedicated and committed to achieving success within the fashion industry and learning from the best.

Geoffrey is a Wardrobe/ Stylist Assistant who is available to assist exclusively through Atomic Assistants Agency.

Recent Wardrobe/Stylist Assistant Bookings:
"Sremm Break" mini-film with Hip Hop Group Rae Sremmurd- 2016 - wardrobe assistant
West Palm Beach Outlet Billboard Ad - 2016- wardrobe assistant
H&M Summer Catalog - Spring 2016- presser
Oribe Hair Show produced by Front Row -2016 - Fashion show dresser

Related Experience:
Atomic Style Inc./Atomic Assistants Agency - 2015-2016 -intern
(Atomic Assistants Agency is the first agency of its kind that exclusively represents top notch assistants for fashion, print, advertising and T.V.)
-Steamed, prepared, and photographed clothing for sale on Atomics e-commerce site.
-Arranged, displayed, and styled clothing for Atomics e-commerce site.
-Assisted in marketing and client retention by selecting, composing, and sending hand written thank you cards.
-Collaborated on email marketing concepts, including headlines, subject and copy.
-Created trend books based on runway collections from Paris, Milan, New York bi-annually for stylist reference.
-Updated and maintained showroom contact list to assure accurate information.
-Assisted company president with booking assistants for photo shoots and fashion events.
Hobbies:Geoffrey enjoys cooking, fishing, and DIY activities.

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