Atomic’s Mentorship Program by Teddy Gunter

Introducing Atomic's Fashionable Mentorship Program!

Fashion is a tough industry. Breaking in and climbing to the top is TEN TIMES harder in the fashion industry than in most professions. Getting to the core of exactly what steps need to be taken to get to the top can be even trickier UNTIL NOW.

Do You Aspire To Be A Successful:

Fashion Stylist?
Fashion Photographer?
Makeup Artist for TV, Photoshoots, Movies, Videos or Celebrities?
Hair Stylist for TV, Photoshoots, Movies, Videos or Celebrities?


Do you have a fashion related idea that you would lke to see thrive but you feel you need more help and direction?
Do you have a kid that you want to get into modeling? Do you want to find out if modeling for a living is possible for you?


Do you have a passion for fashion but would like to know more about all the careers the style industry has to offer?

What If You're Not New To the Industry But Feel You've Hit A Wall?

You may already be working in the Fashion industry, but have the deep desire to get to the next level. Often times, you may know what you should be doing but are too busy working or maybe lacking the motivation or connections to accomplish your goals. The Atomic Mentorship Program is designed to figure out the cause and help you break through!

Look No Further!

Let Teddy from Atomic play a pro-active role in your talent development and take a personal interest unlike anyone else ever has. With over 31 years of industry experience, Teddy Gunter is the perfect partner to team up with to tailor your skills into the career of your aspirations.

Call 305-318-3973 and ask for Teddy to get started!

Note: Atomic will not accept everyone who applies, only those with ambition, talent, and those with the drive and discipline necessary to follow through on trusted advice and direction.

Atomic's Mentorship Program

Details and Pricing

Our Mentorship Fees Are Designed to Be Affordable!
Atomic’s fashionable mentorship program offers two convenient ways to pay. Choose to pay by the hour or annually.
Reasonable Hourly Rate: $45.00; pay as you go along.
Annual Rate: $500.00; pay once a year.


One-on-one V.I.P. treatment with Teddy Gunter, your personal mentor!


Initial meetings will establish what your exact aims are and a step by step action plan to reach these goals will be created.


Once the action plan has been created, the focus will be on FOLLOWING THROUGH:

Sometimes, Teddy will be using her connections, time and expertise to get things done for you. For example, she may set up appointments for you, make calls on your behalf, link you to the right person who can help you further your career, etc. Other times she may advise YOU do specific things to improve your current career and give you a deadline - as being accountable to someone always speeds results.


Did you do what was advised?
Did you reach our deadline?
What was the outcome?
This is the time Teddy will report back on how things went with everything she did on your behalf including what key meetings were set up for you, what key appointments/ potential clients were called. See testimonials.


If you were looking for an agent now would be an excellent time to listen to feedback from your targeted list of agencies. What were their comments and ideas based on your work and presentation? As feedback comes in we will act swiftly to tweak your portfolio or skill set accordingly as many times as necessary to get you signed or on your way to get signed. If an agent isn't something you were looking for we can work on other things like marketing, presentation, self-packaging, contracts, budgeting, what to charge and the business side of fashion. Now you can get the answers to all your burning questions and if Teddy doesn't know the answer she can use her 27 years of connections and experience to get them for you!


Whatever goals match your dreams we will get them done! Fashion is full of people who didn't get as far as they could have because they didn't have a mentor.
Don't be one of them! Set a date for an appointment by calling to begin your journey!


The Atomic mentorship has given me the opportunity to meet with top artist agents in NYC. Teddy has truly taken the time to help shape my career.

- Angel G.

Teddy has been my mentor in styling for almost 5 years now and I have her to thank for all the experience I've had in styling. Now I feel I am ready to branch off on my own and Teddy is helping me reach my goals by guiding me through all the confusing roads. I am happy I found her!

- Valerie D.

The things that I have learned during this mentorship are more than I could have imagined. My eyes have been opened up to what actually is going on in the world of fashion. I've always had a thing for fashion and being able to bring my dream to life while learning a few of the basic things that are on a need to know basis is mind blowing.

- Geoffrey A.

I have been working with Atomic Assistant Agency for two years while based in Miami. Being part of this agency has truly expanded my experience as an assistant in Session Styling. You get to work with Lead Artists from around the world and learn new techniques, what to have in your kit, how to conduct yourself on set but most importantly establish relationships. Atomic has mentored me to become a lead and has opened the doors for me to meet with Top Agencies based in New York, London, and Paris. Having Teddy be able to get these appointments for me has taken my career to the next level.

-Eduardo B.

Teddy is that one person that comes into your life that makes you think ''this is my big opportunity to start my dream career", she's really been committed into getting me where I want to be, she doesn't sugarcoat things at all, she'll tell you what you need to change & what you need to start doing to get you where you want to be.
If you ever want to get started in a career in the fashion industry, Teddy is probably the perfect person to go to! She has more than two decades of being in the fashion industry, she's a stylist, and on top of that Teddy owns her own agency! I've grown more knowledge about the high fashion beauty because of Teddy, and I can't wait to see how I develop more as an artist with this mentorship!

-Angie P.

Teddy is a wonderful mentor to collaborate with. Her exceptional expertise in coaching, leadership and motivation has taught me a lot through the Atomic mentorship program. Some key principles that I was exposed to were: learning how to approach adult figures in a mature and professional manner, how to brainstorm in a group collectively and how to voice opinions in a way that a  stylist  would embrace my input and many more useful things. This program has broadened my horizons for my future career path.

-Vivien H.

Coming into the Atomic Mentorship Program I was not sure which direction I wanted to head within the fashion world. When I was mentoring under Teddy Gunter, I was to exposed to multiple fields within the fashion industry which sparked a desire to become someone great. While moving at my own pace Teddy has helped me hone my skills as a stylist  assistant in hopes of becoming a fashion stylist in the future. Not only did she teach me the skills that I need to succeed, she also connected me with other talented individuals within the industry.

-Louis J.

Meet Your Mentor!

Finding your way through this maze we call the fashion industry is a pretty daunting task. Why anybody would want to climb their way to the top alone is anybody's guess. The good news is you don't have to anymore. Having a person in your corner who co-creates and executes a solid plan to keep you on your toes and moving along in the right direction is well worth the extra investment necessary. As long as you are part of the Atomic mentorship program your mentor, Teddy Gunter will meet with you, monitor your progress, and assist you in any way that she can on your way up the ladder.

Teddy Gunter has been in the fashion industry since the eighties. Says Teddy, I was a stylist before the word styling became a household name. Back then, no one had a clue what being a stylist meant let alone what they did."

Teddy Gunter has styled hundreds of projects, opened Miami's first well-known prop shop along the way and was featured as a girl about town and industry pro in over 50 magazine issues from Miami to Tokyo including the prestigious creme de la cream of magazine's American Vanity Fair.

Teddy Gunter , traveled back and forth from LA to Miami countless times over and dressed dream clients Will Smith and the forever handsome Dwayne Johnson plus many more popular celeb's everyone knows and adores! You can find out more about Teddy by clicking on Linkedin, Production Paradise, and (just click on talent and then click on Teddy)

Gunter was featured in Crystal Wright's book, Hair Makeup and Styling Career Guide, and was nominated as the best stylist in Miami by Design Group International. She was also courted by 3 TV networks and featured on the news as a fashion expert and in the Miami Herald. Her agency for personal stylists was named by Elite Traveler Magazine as one of the world's best, and producers from around the globe utilize her Atomic Assistants Agency to find the best assistants in Florida and New York without hesitation. As a published fashion content writer and current President of a multi-platform creative services company there is no doubt that you will be in good hands once you decide to entrust Teddy to be your personal mentor. Whether you want to be a stylist, photographer, hair or makeup person or want to be signed by your dream agent you can consider it already done and Teddy Gunter's contacts your contacts once you join the Atomic Mentorship program.