Introducing Fernando S.:

Photo Assistant/Digital Tech

Fernando has been in the production industry since 1990 and has mastered the positions of photographer, photo assistant and digital tech. He has assisted legendary photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Michael Thompson, Ross Anderson , Anatol Kotte and many many more. He is a master at lighting techniques, experienced in set etiquette and is an in demand digital tech for photographers the world over.

Fernando S. is a Photo Assistant/Digital Tech who is available to assist exclusively through Atomic Assistants Agency.

Related Experience:
  • • Freelance Photographer, assisting since 1990, and digital teching since 2008
  • • Fotonoggin. April 2014 - April 2016. Senior Photo retoucher. Accustom to work with deadlines and last minute changes to work orders. Constant communication with clients to accomplish final goals.
  • • SAGA Studios. 1996 - 2014. Photographer. Extreme attention to detail in an open creative environment with constant communication with client and crew to achieve goals in the most efficient and creative way.
  • • Spain Royal Marines. 1992 - 1995. Infantry elite fire team operator. Squad leader at T.E.A.R. for rapid expeditionary response. Capacitation Instructor for special operators.

  • • Bron Academy, Switzerland. 1995 - 1996. Master in lighting techniques. Bron Elektronik AGHagmattstrasse 7 CH – 4123 Allschwil
  • • C.E.V. Spain 1988 - 1992. Masters in Fashion and Advertising photography. General photography program. Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido. c/ Gaztambide 65 28015 Madrid Spain.
Related Skills:
  • • Royal Spanish Marine
  • • Water Safety Instructor
  • • Languages: Spanish, English, Basque, Basic French & Portuguese
  • • Master Photographer (Nik)
  • • Digital Tech (C1Pro,Lr,Photos)
  • • Photo Retoucher (Ps,Br)

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